Contracts – Bank account – Registration trade register

The order of starting business in Germany is contracts – Bank account – Registration trade register.

1. Contracts – Bank account – Registration trade register => Contracts

In parallel to preparing the company agreement, we should already commence with selecting a trade name for your business and the acceptability and availability of that trade name with the Chamber of Industry and Commerce (CIC). After the agreements are prepared, they will be signed at the office of the notary and the notary will send them to the commercial register. The managing director (Geschaeftsfuehrer) will also be appointed.

2. Contracts – Bank account – Registration trade register => Bank account

In parallel, I will gladly assist you in opening up a bank account for your new company. The payment of the basic nominal capital should not be made too early because the notary has to check if it still exists completely at the day of registration. Therefore, one typical way is to get in contact with the bank and informing them about the plan to open up an account. After the appointment at the notary and the signing of the contracts the director and / or the shareholders will go to this bank and pay in the nominal capital. Afterwards the statement of account will be forwarded to the notary as a proof. Finally, the notary will submit the signed contracts and documents to the commercial register.

3. Contracts – Bank account – Registration trade register => Registration trade register

The director of the company needs to register the company with the trade register. In Duesseldorf and other cities this can also be done online. The trade register needs the basic facts (name and address of director, purpose of company etc.). If the director goes to the city hall for registration he should bring the notary documents, his passport and EUR 20 to pay for the registration. If the commercial register has already send the basic sheet of registration for the company (Handelsregisterauszug) this can be used instead of the notary contracts.

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