Registration local tax office

1. Registration local tax office – local tax number

The Registration local tax office should be done right away because you will need a tax number to do business. The local tax office will take care of the local tax ID number. This stage is a little critical because it might take some time until the local tax office takes care of your company. It might take up to three months. So if you are in a hurry it is very helpful if your tax consultant has good contacts and finds the right words to convince the official in charge to speed up the process. The director should not call the official in charge himself because the officials are sometimes overstressed and you cannot really do anything if they say for example „Four out of five people are here on sich leave and my day only has 24 hours and I will take care of the new entries one after the other…“.

2. Registration local tax office – VAT-ID-number

Once you receive the local tax number you can apply for the VAT-ID-number. The latter will be needed for international business. You can mark on the „Ouestionnaire“ that you need a VAT-ID-number. This might take a little time. So if you need to speed up the procedure you can apply for the VAT-ID-number right after you will have received your local tax number. Once you have your VAT-ID-number you should put this on your invoices instead of your local tax number because it looks more professional.

3. Registration local tax office – Questionnaire

If your company is founded with help of a notary the Financial Authorities will be informed via the Commercial register sooner or later anyway and send you the Questionnaire. But to speed up the process it is smarter to take care of it right away. Please find further information below under „Questionnaire“.

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