Founding mistakes (Top 5)

Founding mistakes happen when directors of companies are in a rush when starting business in Germany. This may lead to the situation that a tax consultant is mandated too late after mistakes had already been made. Fixing these mistakes is sometimes possible, but always more effort than necessary.

It is also a question of service and professionalism that you do not want your new clients or customers to get in trouble because your invoices are incorrect or post mail is returned to them.

The Financial Authorities and the local trade office might also pigeonhole your new company if the registration looks selfmade or is illogical. This will not only take precious time but might also cause a letter with a bunch of questions from the office which you will have to answer additionally. It is not a secret that professional registrations will take a lot less time than self-made.

Let me just give you a practical view of the typical five founding mistakes as there are:

Founding mistakes (Top 5) – 1. Start too early with purchases

Founding mistakes (Top 5) – 2. Forgetting about mailbox

Founding mistakes (Top 5) – 3. Paying fake registration invoices

Founding mistakes (Top 5) – 4. Incorrect invoices

Founding mistakes (Top 5) – 5. Specific rules for sensitive industries

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