Permanent request for VAT deadline extension

You need a permanent request for VAT deadline extension because without this deadline extension the advanced tax return needs to be filed within 10 days after period´s end. The deadline extension is one month. It is very recommendable because the penalties for being late with the advanced VAT return are very high and late filing can even be considered as a personal offense of the managing director. To get the deadline extension your tax consultant needs to fill out an electronic form sheet and your company has to make a prepayment. The amount depends on the VAT situation of the former year. It is 1/11 of the total payment for the former year. If you got more reimbursed in the previous year than you needed to pay the VAT prepayment will be zero (but you would still have to file the request for a deadline extension). The prepayment is balanced with the payment for December of the present year. If you only have to file the advanced VAT returns quarterly you only have to file the request at the beginning of your business and not every year. Quarterly payers do not have to make a prepayment.

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